Migration Mobilities Bristol (MMB) offers a creative space to engage with migration in theory, policy and practice. By expanding and challenging understandings of migration and making connections between different types of mobilities, beyond the human and across time, we endeavour to contribute to a more just world.

MMB is a network of academics and others with diverse interests ranging from music to history to law. Our work is oriented around four research challenges:

  • Bodies, borders, justice – explores how state borders create and manage sexual, racial, cultural, age, ability and class differences. It examines the effects of making borders on human relationships, on rights and on justice.
  • Control, conflict, resistance – seeks to understand people’s different abilities to move as well as the conflicts and struggles that are shaped by everyday constraints on their movements and presence.
  • Imagination, belonging, futures – identifies new, potential and alternative forms of belonging by engaging with ideas and utopian visions created by the global mobility of people across borders.
  • Trade, labour, capital – examines human mobility and its relation to the movement of goods, services and money. We also consider how this relationship between markets and migration is imagined and represented.