Who is Worthy of ‘Our’ Support?

An exploration of the causes, impact and possible alternatives to the relative entitlements associated with disability and forced migration in UK

This doctoral research project, led by Rebecca Yeo, explores the lived experiences of disabled asylum seekers; considering how problems are represented by people with different roles and responsibilities in the immigration and disability sectors; and how these representations shape proposed solutions.

Taking a post-structuralist approach, I am assuming that the current system is contingent. If existing inequalities appear inevitable, it suggests that hegemonic assumptions and structures have obscured alternatives. This project therefore explores what needs to change, building on the lived experiences of those who are usually unheard.

Rebecca Yeo is based at the Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies (University of Bath), with an affiliation to School of Geographical Sciences (University of Bristol). Rebecca is funded by the ESRC South West Doctoral Training Partnership.


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Short films created together with disabled asylum seekers:

Yeo, R and Spencer, F., 2018. Kamil Ahmad – in his own words. Redweather productions.

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This project is associated with the MMB Challenge on Resistance, transformation, justice