More About Us

Migration Mobilities Bristol (MMB) is a Specialist Research Institute at the University of Bristol.

Our work is oriented around four research challenges and we use these to group and profile research projects conducted by colleagues in Bristol.

MMB’s primary purpose is to foster and promote new thinking on migration and mobilities that is critical, creative and distinctively ‘Bristol’. Within UoB we continue to build a strong, interdisciplinary community of scholars working on all aspects of mobilities, with an emphasis on the human. MMB members are interested in a very wide range of migration and mobilities related subjects, come from different disciplinary traditions and deploy different conceptual and empirical tools. Some are migration scholars, others have researched migration from a particular disciplinary perspective as one among several areas of interest, others research mobility related topics such as bus services or glacial movement that are distinct from migration studies but benefit from theories, networks and interconnections that become apparent when brought into conversation with migration scholars.

MMB’s Shared Approach

While there is no consensus of views on migration among our members, and neither does MMB seek to shape one, we have fostered the emergence of a shared approach which we strive to promote as unique to Bristol.

MMB’s approach is one that: recognises that borders are productive, making ‘migrants’ not only admitting and rejecting them; acknowledges that research changes our worlds and that researchers therefore have a responsibility to change it for the better; recognises that migration is connected to many other scales and forms of mobilities; explores connections including between migrants and citizens.

This approach makes for surprising connections across different Faculties and research fields, encourages intellectual exchange and collaborations and boosts research capacity. We do not simply see human movement as a problem to be solved but as a lens that discovers unexpected connections between migration and other issues including race, welfare, environment and development. From this perspective we also act as a critical friend to policymakers, lawyers, NGOs and activists. Through this innovative Bristol approach we seek to contribute to the development of the next generation of leading scholars.

University of Bristol Connections

MMB makes connections between those working on migration related issues from across the University of Bristol and beyond. Bristol has a wide range of expertise and the core network has scholars from the following faculties and schools:

Social Sciences and Law


Science and Health Sciences

We also collaborate closely with the following institutes and groups: