MMB Blog

Welcome to the MMB blog. We publish posts fortnightly by members of MMB and our close collaborators that are based on their research ideas, projects and publications.

From time to time we also incorporate a special series. In recent years these have included ‘Migration, Mobilities and the Environment’, co-edited with the Cabot Institute for the Environment, ‘Letter from Afar’, in which researchers across the world told us about their experience of doing research in extraordinary times, and ‘Race, Nation and Migration’, which provided a rethink of the relationship between movement and racism. We also have ongoing series that bring together posts on particular themes, such as Policy, Politics and Practice, and New Writing on Migration and Mobilities. We run a separate blog on the MMB Latin America website with contributors from researchers across the region as well as from Bristol. Meanwhile, posts about the COVID-19 pandemic are collected on our dedicated COVID-19 page.

Published blogs: