Academic Collaborations

Transoceanic Mobilities Network

A collaboration between MMB, New School and University of Hawai’i

Existing institutional forms seem ill suited when it comes to addressing the pressing substantive issues and political dynamics at play in the current moment.  Migration, climate change, global capital and trade, as well as the politics of populism and polarization, can not be easily navigated via the siloed institutional structures currently in places.

The Multiple Mobilities Research Group at The New School and MMB have established a fledging initiative: Transoceanic Mobilities Network.  We envision a cross-disciplinary and multi-modal network that will address these complex problems through the engendering of new political imaginaries and analytic frames; in particular, we centre questions of mobility that infuse and join all three concerns. The Network will both broaden and embed our current research collaboration, make a major intervention in the field of mobility studies, and increase the profile of our institutions as generating innovative and interdisciplinary thinking that challenges existing research and policy paradigms.

Migrants and Systemic Resilience (Mig-Res-Hub)

A collaboration between MMB and Martin Ruhs (Migration Policy Centre (MPC), European University Institute (EUI)

One of the central policy challenges posed by the COVID19 pandemic has been how to protect and maintain essential economic activities and public services such as the provision of food, health services, and social care. The health emergency and associated bans on movement within and across countries have led to severe labour market shocks, including a sharp increase in the demand for health professionals and a reduction in the supply of agricultural and social care workers,  thus threatening the resilience of essential services during the pandemic. Resilience can be broadly understood as the ability to withstand, recover, and adapt to unexpected external shocks (OECD 2020).

The primary aim of MigResHub is to facilitate global and comparative research on how migrant labour shapes the vulnerability and resilience of essential economic sectors and public services to the current COVID19 crisis and to similar (and likely) pandemic shocks in the future, and to discuss the implications and options for future immigration and other public policies around the world.

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MMB are official members of  IMISCOE, Europe’s largest network of scholars in the area of migration and integration. Find out more >

Meaker Fellowship

Nandita Sharma is Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa. Nandita was invited to be a Benjamin Meaker Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Bristol in 2020 but postponed the position due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We very much hope that she will be able to visit Bristol as soon as is possible but in the meantime we’ve continued to work with her closely. Find out more >