MMB Member Recordings

From time to time MMB members are involved in online events and giving presentations that are not organised by us but nevertheless might be useful for others to see!


The Construction of Narratives About Migration.’

This interview with MMB Director Professor Bridget Anderson was recorded for a module on Migration and Forced Migration, which introduces the online Certificate in Humanitarian Assistance at the Boston College School of Social Work.

How has Brexit Changed the UK for Migrants?

MMB Director Bridget Anderson takes part in this podcast from openDemocracy and Toronto Metropolitan University to discuss whether, a few years on from Brexit, labour shortages in the UK are changing minds about migrants or whether they are forever stigmatised.


Border Abolition Conference 2021.’

This short video explains the relevance of abolishing borders through interviewing experts from around the world including MMB Director Professor Bridget Anderson.

Disability and Migration: A Mural for Social Change.’

In this short film, Dr Rebecca Yeo introduces the new mural on the side of the Easton Community Centre that brings together the messages and experiences of people living in Bristol who are Deaf, disabled and/or seeking asylum.

The Lebanese Situation as It Looks Today.’

Dr Filippo Dionigi talks to Agora Radio about Lebanon’s economic collapse, the plight of its refugee population, and what the international community can do. 3rd August 2021.

Critiquing the Migration Studies Approach.’

Professor Bridget Anderson, Director of MMB, is interviewed by Dr Alan Gamlen for the course ‘Governing Migration’ at Monash University. 14th July 2021.

“Excessively cruel”: Detention, Deportation and Separated Families.’

Dr Melanie Griffiths was joined by Rudy Schulkind, Sonali Naik QC and Ace Rueles Aristotles in this webinar chaired by Baroness Shami Chakrabarti. 8th June 2021.

Expat, Migrant? Thinking Through Privilege in Mobility.’

Dr Sarah Kunz, seminar given at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. 11th February 2021.


Marriage Migration and Integration: Book Launch.’

Professor Katharine Charsley launched her new book at this webinar with co-authors Dr Sarah Spencer CBE, Dr Evelyn Ersanilli and Dr Kaveri Qureshi. November 2020.

Zemiology at the border: addressing asylum harms in Northern Europe.

Dr Victoria Canning, inaugural lecture at the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research. October 2020.