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REGISTRATION OPEN – Migration, Mobilities and Citizenship: The MMB Online Academy 2021. An interactive, taught course aimed at anyone working in a social justice related field or interested in doing so, or simply keen to think more deeply about migration and mobility. Registration deadline – 30th April.

The ‘MMB Online Academy 2021’ will have live lectures, interactive debate and panel discussions, and opportunities to work in small thematic sub-groups. Designed and led by MMB Director Professor Bridget Anderson it will introduce the work of MMB and provide the chance to learn from international experts. Topics include: migration and race, histories of asylum, digitalisation and migration, and trafficking.

Course aims

The MMB Online Academy will:

  • help participants to develop critical thinking around migration and mobilities. (We will not tell you what to think, but give you tools to analyse claims and assertions, develop your own ideas and contribute to debates);
  • give participants access to a range of senior scholars and cutting edge scholarship;
  • be multi-disciplinary with contributions from arts and social sciences;
  • situate contemporary human movements within their historical context but also be attentive to the current context (e.g. COVID-19);
  • explore the relation of race and racism to migration;
  • attend to what the legal migration regimes and social attitudes to migration reveal about ‘host’ societies.


Teaching on the Academy will be live online and take place over six weeks, with two two-hour sessions per week. The course will begin with a one hour introductory session on 6th May 2021. Thereafter the sessions will be held on Tuesdays 3-5pm and Thursdays 6-8pm (BST) until 17th June 2021. (Participants who are not able to join the live sessions because of time zone differences will be able to access recordings.)

Participants will then be given 4 weeks to write up a project, which will be marked. A personalised letter of completion detailing the content covered in the course and the student’s participation will be awarded at the end.


Week 0 – 6th May 2021: Introduction
Week 1 – 11th & 13th May 2021: Asylum / Displacement
Week 2 – 18th & 20th May 2021: Low waged labour / Trafficking and Modern Slavery
Week 3 – 25th & 27th May 2021: Families and Migration / Domestic Labour
Week 4 – 1st & 3rd June 2021: Environmental Change / Digitalisation
Week 5 – 8th & 10th June 2021: Race and Citizenship / Race and Integration
Week 6 – 15th & 17th June 2021: Critical Policy / Debates

Project work – 21st June to 15th July 2021


There are no requirements necessary for the participation on this course. However, we encourage all participants to take MMB’s free online two-week taster course: ‘Migration, Mobilities and Citizenship: Essential learning from research and practice  as this will offer a fantastic grounding to the work we will do in the Academy (see below).

NOW AVAILABLE Migration, Mobilities and Citizenship: Essential Learning from Research and Practice. An introductory course to guide you through some of the most interesting and important material available on migration.

This free introduction to migration will take approximately six hours but it can be completed at your own pace. All you have to do is register on the Future Learn website and you will be given up to four weeks to complete the course. If you want some extra time and a certification of completion there is a charge of £42.

‘Migration, Mobilities and Citizenship’ has been designed to give you tools to analyse your assumptions about migration as well as popular claims and assertions, and to help you develop your own ideas and contribute to debates. 

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