Illegal Migration Bill 2023

The resources below are intended to help researchers, practitioners, policy makers and the general public understand the full impact and ramifications of the Illegal Migration Bill introduced by the UK government in March 2023.

MMB blog:

“An asylum ban”: why the Illegal Migration Bill must be stopped‘ by Bridget Anderson, MMB Director. 4th April 2023.

Illegal Migration Bill – Emergency Discussion

Friday 31st March

MMB organised an emergency online discussion to outline key aspects of the Bill, why it matters – for all of us and not only people seeking refuge – and what can be done. The meeting initiated a conversation about the role of academic research on migration at a time of legitimised hostility to migrants and people who work with them.

Chair: Professor Bridget Anderson, MMB Director. Speakers: Colin Yeo, Immigration barrister and founder and editor of the Free Movement website, Ann Singleton, MMB Policy Strategic Lead and Reader in Migration Policy, University of Bristol, and Andrew McCarthy, Head of Services, Bristol Refugee Rights.

Watch a recording of the discussion here:

A message from our speaker Andrew McCarthy (Bristol Refugee Rights):

‘The huge delays in Home Office decision making and the increased use of hotel accommodation means the number of people locally needing Bristol Refugee Rights services has increased five fold since the start of the pandemic. If you are able to support please visit our JustGiving page.’

Further resources

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