MMB Event Recordings

Many MMB organised and co-organised events are now online so we are recording them and posting the videos here.


Remember and Respond: Child Migrants and the Lives Behind the Data

28th April 2021

This webinar opened the MMB series ‘Childhood on the Move’ by drawing attention to the reality of children’s experience of border crossings and controls. It reflected on the innumerable tragic deaths and disappearances of children travelling illegally around the globe, and the far-reaching, agonising consequences for their families. It considered the gaps in the evidence used to create policies towards child migrants in Europe, and how these gaps perpetuate their dehumanisation. And it focused on cases in the UK where treatment of undocumented minors is becoming harsher once more under the current Home Office regime.

Queer Liberalisms and Marginal Mobility

9th April 2021

This webinar addressed queer migration through the intersectional lens of queer liberalisms, authoritarianism, and marginal mobilities. Globally, LGBTIQ+ rights form an inherent part of human rights discourse and politics. At the same time, this very human rights language is increasingly used by nation-states to defend their borders, control migration flows, and intensify discrimination and prejudice against the ‘other’.

This event is one of four in a speaker series during April 2021 that used a socio-legal lens to examine the interconnectedness of queer mobilities across and within different geographical, social and political contexts. It features contributors to the special issue ‘Queer Liberalisms and Marginal Mobility’ to be published by Ethnic and Racial Studies in Spring 2022.

(Click on the image to play the recording for this webinar and the three others in the series.)

MMB Latin America Dialogue

Protecting Venezuelans in Colombia: Reflections from Across the Region

31st March 2021

The Colombian government announced in February 2021 the launching of a programme to grant 10-year complementary protection and legal status to the approximately 1.7 million Venezuelan migrants and refugees in the country. This decision was considered ‘historical’ by the United Nations and received worldwide attention – it represents a clear shift in how the South American region is managing Venezuelan migratory flows. Bringing together four specialists from around the region, this webinar considered the contextual and technical aspects of this new policy, contrasting it with the practices of other South American countries and reflecting on why neighbouring governments should pay close attention to this landmark decision.

MMB Latin America Dialogue

The UN Convention on Migrant Workers: Assessing its Positive Impacts

25th February 2021

On the 30th anniversary of the Convention, MMB brought together three leading specialists on migration law and Latin America to discuss its impact. In conversation with Diego Acosta – MMB’s International Strategic Lead – Pablo Ceriani and Alvaro Botero discussed the reasons for the Convention’s low ratification, its value as a living instrument, the importance of academics (sometimes negative), civil society and courts, its procedure, the trade-offs with states and examples of all of the above.


MMB Debate

Justice and Labour Migration

10th December 2020

What might a just labour migration policy look like? Is there a trade-off between numbers and rights? Is it possible to have a system of labour migration founded on ideals of justice in an unequal world? Can labour migration move us towards a more just world?

MMB brought together philosopher Chris Bertram and political economist Martin Ruhs to present their differing visions of a fair labour migration system. Chaired by Manoj Dias-Abey from the Bristol Law School, this online debate will interrogated the key principles that Chris and Martin believe should underpin such a system.