Privatisation of the Digital Hostile Environment: A Seminar with Kaelynn Narita

Room 2D2, Priory Road Complex Block D, Priory Road, Bristol, United Kingdom

This talk explores the pattern of using private actors to build, design and maintain border technology in the UK. By exploring the privatisation of the so-called Digital Hostile Environment I reveal the […]

MMB PGR Discussion Group: Decolonising migration research: (Not) just a metaphor?

Meeting Room 2, First Floor 1 Priory Road, Bristol

We are pleased to invite you to the final MMB PGR discussion group for this academic year, which will focus on the issue of decolonisation. Building on previous sessions, we will explore what ‘decolonisation’ means in the context of migration research and evaluate the strengths and limitations of existing anti-colonial research agendas.  We are thrilled to have […]

MMB Drinks: ‘What Went Wrong With My Bid?!’

Faculty of Arts Research Space, Room 1.H020, 7 Woodland Road, Bristol

Join us to celebrate all the hard work that has gone into your failed grant applications! We know how much energy and labour are put into developing a bid and the feeling on reading the words ‘We regret to inform you…’. But we are also recycling fans, and there’s always the potential to take your […]

Workshop: ‘Seeing Globalization – Alternative Perspectives on Production Today’

Verdon Smith Room, Royal Fort House, Bristol, United Kingdom

This workshop takes as its starting point that our notions of production are changing. Old assumptions about what makes globalization work are being challenged on many fronts. Some of those areas, such as infrastructures, have already become established fields of enquiry to examine both the material aspect that sustain and support modern life, as well […]

Bordering Bristol: Visuality Workshop

Verdon Smith Room, Royal Fort House, Bristol, United Kingdom

A day-long workshop run by Victoria Hattam (MMB Leverhulme Visiting Professor) and Nariman Massoumi to explore the dynamics of visual fields through the collaborative making of visual essays. Further details […]