Illegal Migration Bill – Emergency Discussion

Online meeting

The Athenian Laws introduced by Draco c. 621 BCE were said to be written not in ink but blood. The UK government’s Illegal Migration Bill currently going through Parliament is draconian. It effectively puts an end to the UK’s asylum system as we know it and to many of the protections of the Modern Slavery […]

Exploring the mental health and psychosocial experiences of asylum seekers, refugees and undocumented migrants in the post migration context


The second webinar in our series 'The Health of Migrants and the Right to Health', co-hosted by MMB and GRAMNet. Re-thinking the asylum process as a social determinant of health. With Alessio Albanese and Kate O'Donnell. Ample research has demonstrated the effects of pre migration experiences (e.g., war, persecution, violence, torture) on the mental health […]

A social model of asylum: disablement and resistance in the British asylum system


The final webinar in our series ‘The Health of Migrants and the Right to Health', co-hosted by MMB and GRAMNet. With Rebecca Yeo. The UK asylum system includes multiple restrictions which limit access to the services and support needed for physical and emotional health and wellbeing. At different stages in an asylum claim, people are […]

Wild About Weeds Walking Tour

RWA entrance Queen's Road, Bristol

Are you, or could you be, wild about weeds? Join MMB and Bristol Ideas for a walking conversation about weeds, indigeneity and mobility. We’re excited to be joined by Jane Memmott, Professor of Ecology at the School for Biological Sciences, University of Bristol, who will introduce us to what grows in the cracks of Clifton’s […]

On Freedom: Whose Story? Whose Lens? – An Art Exhibition by Jean Joseph

Centrespace Gallery 6 St Leonard Lane, Bristol

Artist Jean Joseph is working with the Modern Marronage Project, MMB and a group of asylum-seekers to present an exhibition on freedom at CentreSpace Gallery. There will be a number of talks and events alongside the exhibition. Please see the poster below for more details.