Ignacio Odriozola

MMB Alumni Ambassador 2020-23

Trained as a lawyer and specialising in International Public Law (University of Buenos Aires) Ignacio is interested in environmental migrations, nationality issues and international migration and refugee laws. The MSc in Migration and Mobility Studies (2019-20) gave him a theoretical framework for his previous practical experience in migrant and refugee protection, while also expanding his knowledge through its broad, interdisciplinary perspective.

Ignacio currently works for the Migrant’s Commission of the National Public Defenders Office (Argentina) and previously as a consultant on human rights for the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights at the Organisation of American States. He is also a researcher for the South American Network for Environmental Migration (Brazil) and a Junior Lecturer in International Refugee Law at the Universidad de Buenos Aires.

As an MMB Alumni Ambassador Ignacio is helping develop strong and enduring bonds between Latin America and Migration Mobilities Bristol. In 2021 he has commissioned two posts for the MMB Latin America blog – ‘Chile’s new immigration law: an adaptable solution or further crackdown‘ and ‘Colombia’s exceptional migratory regularization‘ – and organised an MMB Latin America Dialogue to discuss the Colombian government’s granting of temporary protected status to Venezuelan migrants, with panellists from across the region.

You can listen to Ignacio talking about the MSc in Migration and Mobility Studies with co-Alumni Ambassador Ella Barclay here.

Recent publications: 

  • Odriozola, I., Pires Ramos, E., de Salles Cavedon-Capdeville, F. et al (2020) ‘Impacts of extreme events on human mobility in Latin America: integrating human mobility in climate national policies and normative strategies’. In Leal Filho, W. et al. (eds) Climate Change, Hazards and Adaptation Options: Handling the Impacts of a Changing Climate. Springer, Cham. pp. 674-700.
  • Odriozola, I., Pires Ramos, E. , de Salles Cavedon-Capdeville, F. (2019) ‘Desplazamiento interno, ambiente y derechos humanos en América Latina’. Revista del Instituto Interamericano de Derechos Humanos (IIDH) N ° 69. San José, Costa Rica. pp. 439-473. 
  • Odriozola, I. (2020) ‘Climate-change displacement: a step closer to human rights protection’. MMB blog. 27 February.

To contact Ignacio please email tj19518@alumni.bristol.ac.uk.

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