Leah Simmons Wood

MMB Alumni Ambassador 2021-24

Leah’s interest in migration stems from her personal background and her BA in History. She was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, and moved to Rome, Italy, when she was 11. The Migration and Mobility Studies MSc (2020-2021) allowed her to further explore her understanding of decolonisation and African history with its continuing global influences today, and to contextualise the media coverage of the so-called ‘refugee crisis’. The inter-disciplinary perspective of the course allowed her to explore her interests in African literature, law, sociology and social policy. During the MSc, she also was a committee member of the People and Planet society at Bristol University, seeking to address the University’s role in the UK’s ‘hostile environment’ and promoting the wellbeing of migrant and international students.

Leah is looking to continue her research in migration. She is currently applying for research positions across the UK and Europe, particularly those with an African focus, before applying for a PhD. As an MMB Alumni Ambassador, she is keen to employ her network to facilitate connections among research institutes in Africa, to organise events and to promote MMB across the university and beyond.  

To contact Leah please email simmonswoodleah@gmail.com.

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