Diachronic Dor: Understanding the Ancient City for the Modern Day

The relationship between social and civic identities within an urban environment is as critical for our understandings of the past as it is for today’s society. Diachronic study provides a means to understand how groups balance such identities over generations in a fixed locale, especially in an area at the crossroads between regions and cultures. Our methodologies to do so are under-developed, however.

Using the site of Tel Dor (Israel) as a case study, the Diachronic Dor project innovatively combines urban spatial development analysis with coin data to understand how Dor’s culturally diverse residents balanced their social and civic identities in successive generations over 1000 years of lived history. It uses the results to promote understanding of this complex past in the contemporary world, especially among Dor’s socio-culturally diverse local communities today.


Dr Tamar Hodos, Reader in Mediterranean Archaeology, Department of Anthropology and Archaeology

For further details please see the Diachronic Dor website

This project is associated with the MMB Challenge on Representation, belonging, futures