MMB’s AGM discussions noted

We were delighted to bring our MMB members together for an online AGM on 20th October 2021. It was a shame that we weren’t able to meet face to face again, but it was great to see such a lot of faces sharing an hour of their time!

We started with a quick round up of MMB’s activities from Bridget, Emma and Emily, as well as from our fantastic Challenge Leads: Juan, Natasha, Angelo and Naz. For a detailed look back at MMB’s activities read our 2020-21 Annual Report or for a quick summary read our blog.

In order to get people talking we divided into break-out rooms to discuss:

  • What’s the best thing you have read/seen in the past year relevant to MMB?
  • Thinking back over MMB’s activities over 2020-21 what highlights stand out for you?

Members shared links on Padlets and we’ve grouped the suggestions for each question below:

Made with Padlet

Made with Padlet

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