ACH/MMB webinars

MMB is working with ACH, a Bristol based charity working to support migrant communities to live independent, ambitious lives and improve their access to employment and housing opportunities. As part of this collaboration we jointly run a popular online seminar series. This has explored topics including the concept of ‘integration’, migrant entrepreneurship, the consequences of No Recourse to Public Funds, education and housing. We also collaborate on projects such as ACH’s Migrant Business Support, and the University of Bristol’s ESRC-funded Everyday Integration

Working with ACH enables MMB researchers to maximise the impact of their research and connect with the needs of local communities. We look forward to expanding our areas of collaboration in the future.

ACH said in their recent Impact Report – ‘Our academic series with MMB has seen us work closely with academia to bring new insights to existing research, opening new areas of research and feeding directly into the student experience through guest lecturing and other opportunities.

Visit the ACH and MMB seminars | ACH webpage.


Co-production – Where Research Meets Delivery

8 March 2023

This webinar will delved into the core of co-production for the development of refugee and migrant support and integration services, where it is vital to bring together research, policy and delivery expertise to ensure services are joined up and effective. We explored how research and delivery can work together in the field of migrant business support and inclusive entrepreneurship. More information here.

Migration and Climate Change

5 October 2022

The latest MMB/ACH seminar explored the interconnections between migration and climate change, delving deeper into local, national and international themes and issues. From international law to local climate inequalities such as air quality, refugee and migrant communities are often the most affected by the climate crisis. This seminar explored the threats and inequalities faced by people at risk of forced migration due to climate change, as well as those from a refugee or migrant background, from the perspectives of law, adaptation and mitigation and community led climate action.

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Housing’s Role in Integration

13 April 2022

The first seminar in our 2022 series of ACH and MMB’s Bridging the Gap Seminars focussed on the link between housing and integration for newly arrived communities. With the housing crisis currently escalating alongside the cost of living crisis, this has never been a more crucial topic for refugee and migrant communities, as well as the wider UK society. This seminar delved into the intrinsic link between housing and integration for refugee and migrant communities, looking at the housing crisis, and it’s links to barriers to success for refugee and migrant communities. Read our summary and watch the full seminar here.

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No Recourse to Public Funds

2 November 2021

NRPF rules already means tens of thousands of migrants face difficult choices about returning to work; destitution; huge future costs relating to their immigration status; and the prospect of loved ones being forced to leave the UK. This seminar explored the mental health, employment and integration affects NFPF has and will have on people in the future. We looked at NRPF in the context of the proposed Nationality and Borders Bill, heard stories from those who have experienced NRPF and how the lived experience is informing the development of a local response in Bristol.

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Beyond Integration

19 April 2021

‘Integration’ can be a controversial concept. When applied to migrant communities it has often been associated with assimilation, a ‘one-way’ process treating migrants as “others” who need to “fit in”. This successful event with nearly 70 participants challenged past approaches, to look “beyond integration” and explore how to ensure that people can fulfil their potential and attain their aspirations within the labour market and wider community.

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Bridging the Gap

8 February 2021

Our first seminar in collaboration with ACH, explored refugee and migrant entrepreneurship; delving deeper into the subject of forced entrepreneurship. Migrants and refugees often see enterprise as their route to opportunity. Yet are often regarded as doing this by necessity and given low priority by mainstream business support organisations lead to precarity. But are we missing an opportunity for those concerned to generate autonomy and for the wider economy to stimulate innovation and growth?

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